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William Brydone Jack (Fredericton Astronomy)

William Brydone Jack meeting -  Tuesday March 12, 2019 @ 7pm

WBJ/Fredericton Meetings:

Second Tuesday of the month (September-June) at 7pm

Location: UNB Fredericton Campus 2 Bailey Drive, Forestry and Geology Building, Room 203



Many thanks and see you there!
  • Welcome 
  • Whats up
    - constellations for the month
    - review and highlights from SkyMaps
    - review and highlights from "Curt's Calendar"
    - highlights for the month (and last month?)
    - comets and asteroids
    - the sun and next Solar Eclipse
  • Group - astro photos
  • Group discussion - TBD
  • Group discussion/break
FrederictonAstronomy/William Brydone Jack Astronomy Meetup 2nd Tuesday of the month (Sept-June)
Monthly observing events with UNB Physics
March 12 - WBJ meeting
April 9 - WBJ meeting
May 14 - WBJ meeting
June 11 - WBJ meeting
2019 Summer Star Parties x5! (maybe 6...)
Please consider assisting during the Mactaquac Star Party

Topics for meeting: Email requests for topics to Chris Weadick PLEASE...

Pick up your handouts and drop off your monthly sky challenge sheets before the meeting please...


RASC NB Meetings (

December - no meeting