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William Brydone Jack (Fredericton Astronomy)

UPDATE - For members only - we are planning a group event for our membership to get out and do some basic observing under the stars... no telescope required just bring some binos... do not go out and buy any... just use the ones from home... get a tour of

- constellations in our night sky

- basic binocular objects

- forgotten binocular objects - how many do you remember before these 'armchair days'

- preview to October - basic telescope features and functionality 

   - telescope types Refractor Reflector CATs etc

   - telescope mounts Dob vs EQ vs Alt/Az


And hopefully in November we will be able to do more of a public event with some observing in the Fredericton area... help folks recover from 8mths of cabin fever and regroup for our Christmas meeting and hopefully COVID will fear our Canadian winters and dissipate!

As always I end each meeting requesting folks get out and look up but also most important... especially these days... take care of each other...

If you are a FaceBook member - remember our friends in Saint John have a Sunday Night astronomy show - seach for "Astronomy by the bay" for more details and contests.


William Brydone Jack meeting -  TBD.... We typically meeting the 2nd Tuesday of each month from September through June. We do not know the status due to the impact of COVID. Please come back late August for an update or follow up on our Facebook page.

WBJ/Fredericton Meetings:

Second Tuesday of the month (September-June) at 7pm

Location: UNB Fredericton Campus 2 Bailey Drive, Forestry and Geology Building, Room 203



Many thanks and see you there!
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  • polar alignment and star alignment via platesolving - John Smart
  • Sun article by Manning Burke - Don
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  • space news - Joseph
  • whats up - Chris
FrederictonAstronomy/William Brydone Jack Astronomy Meetup 2nd Tuesday of the month (Sept-June)
Monthly observing events with UNB Physics
May-Sept 2020 - Summer Star Parties - Cancelled dur to COVID

Topics for meeting: Email requests for topics to Chris Weadick PLEASE...

Pick up your handouts and drop off your monthly sky challenge sheets before the meeting please...


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