William Brydone Jack (Fredericton Astronomy)

UPDATE - For members only - we are planning a group event for our membership to get out and do some basic observing under the stars... no telescope required just bring some binos... do not go out and buy any... just use the ones from home... get a tour of

- constellations in our night sky

- basic binocular objects

- forgotten binocular objects - how many do you remember before these 'armchair days'

- preview to October - basic telescope features and functionality 

   - telescope types Refractor Reflector CATs etc

Upcoming events

Tentative and date to be determined

- Beginner Telescope Course

- Eclipse planning for 2024 event


Welcome message

Welcome to Fredericton Astronomy Website We are interested in the night sky and interesting in observing the wonderful objects in our night sky... and sometimes even the Sun... safely of course. Come join us on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from September until June (inclusive) to find out what is of interest in the night sky which includes video content from NASA and presentations from club members. Hosted by UNB for near a decade... but not a University level club... it is open to all ages, all levels of interest/experience, and no free...

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