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October 2012

Naked Eye:

    M45 Page13, also see close up chart “A” at the back of the atlas.
    Algol, Page 2. Is it as bright as last month?
    Alderamin and Errai, page71.
    Alpheratz, Matar and Caph page72.

Small Scopes and binoculars:

    Kemble’s Cascade, Pages 11 and 13. There are 15 to 25 stars visible here, can you see colour in any of them?
    M73 and M2, Page 77.
    M15, Page 75.
    NGC 7448, Page 74.

Larger Scopes:

    IC 405, Page 12.
    NGC 7457, Page 74.
    NGC 7626 and 7619, Page 74.
    V509, Page 72.

Bonus objects:

    NGC 7009, M30 Page 77.
    M34, Page 12.
    PK 72-17.1 ( Abell 74), Page 75.
    NGC 6940, Page 73.

Happy hunting.

After note:
If you are looking to get into astrophotography, Rick Saunders of the London Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has a good resource here:

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