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Reference and Links  - find satellites and planets etc. star chart - free and can login to set your location so all dates/times/locations are based on your location. - free astronomy software. Many of the planetariums use this software for their planetarium shows. You can see what is going on now, you can check out events during different dates/times and you can also set up programs with simple programming to create your own events or tours of the night sky. - free sky maps with easy targets on the back of the page/second sheet. – place where I usually recommend people shop at. Great customer service and prices. and - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada -  come check out our local astronomy meetings see what great support is available from the local clubs then consider joining as the membership is $75 but you get lots of goodies. www site is the National site the nb. site is the New Brunswick Centre of RASC. membership if you want access to more info in members area - tons of information available including discussion groups. - our Hanwell group where we do hands on observing and borrow our scopes like I mentioned at the meeting. No cost. - our UNB group where we discuss astronomy topics of interest and all skill levels. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month from Sept to June - no cancelations due to weather. No cost.
Moncton Observing club - get out and do some viewing with local astronomers and see the views through their scopes and get free advice
Live ISS feed
There is also a UNB astronomy club which operates the Physics Observatory at UNB The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Stargazing
Moon video
From a new Astro-buddy Mary... useful and convenient. It discusses the solar system, stars, planets, exploration and more. There are a ton of kid friendly resources
John Dobson
Saint John Astronomy Club and Curt's monthly calendar
Hanwell website - Observing on Saturdays - check site for weekly observing sessions and learning events
Telescope - How they work
Constellations by month
New Brunswick's Light Pollution - - will be updated shortly
Sky and Telescope
Sky Maps
Heavens Above
One Minute Astronomer
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Astronomy Hanwell and New Maryland
Farmer's Almanac - Moon
Space Calendar
Online Sky map
Messier Database
Fun and simple astronomy lessons
Clear sky clocks - Is it a good night tonight? and alerts
Astronomy Lectures
2012... the end of the world?
Pocket Sky Atlas
The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness
Astronomy Cameras on the web!
Space Alerts
Algol minimum/maximum
Observing Targets with difficulty rating
Asterisms Astronomical League
Nature and Space
Interactive Meteor event demonstration Thanks to Barbara Goodspeed "wonderful kids" learning about astronomy... shared this link with us.. Thank-you! Thanks to Jack and Matthew of Kayla Russell Science Class... thank-you for sharing your interest in Astronomy!